Veterans Green Village Detroit

A Susustainable Incubator for Disaster Response and Rebuilding

Team Rubicon R5 District 2 Objectives for January, 23rd, 2016

Remember, this is not an emergency response to a natural disaster. It is a training and volunteer service project within a community's long term rebuilding effort that has contractual responsibilities for properly documenting the work done.

Team Rubicon volunteers have been recruited to assist in creating an effective process for scaling up volunteer safely and job training efforts to complete bight removal projects and document the process.

Each training or service project on the calendar should be updated with image galleries that contain before during and after photos and text descriptions of who was there, what got done, how much time it took and any other quantitative or qualitative information about the work.

Types and Reasons for Image Galleries:

#1 Group and Individual Photos. Volunteers learning new things, enjoying themselves while helping a community rebuild. 

#2 Lot by Lot.  Documentation of active or probable safety hazards, scope of general work and progress, City code violations reporting feedback and remediation procedures required by the service contract.

#3 Block by Block. Documentation of wide scope of general work and progress.

#4 Training is the Best Teacher. Photo galleries depicting specific training and documentation procedures is what will determine our ability to duplicate and improve the process.

View Event Description: January, 23rd, 2016


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