Team Rubicon in Detroit Some called the idea "A Boot Camp For Disasters".

Using the blight of Detroit as a means to train for both disaster response and blight removal contracts creates new strategic partnerships that can sustain training programs and increase capacity of the organizations while providing a needed service in the community.

After months of research, ground work and preparation we are launching our community service and training projects in Detroit for members of Team Rubicon USA. 

Our goals are to apply your disaster response training and experience to maximize the volunteer efforts of Motor City Blight Busters of Detroit and their partners to safely remove the blight from their communities.

Our over all mission is to establish a national base standard for training volunteers to provide effective assistance to blight removal projects to communities in need and during large scale natural disaster response efforts. 

Detroit was chosen for this project because of the scale of the problem and the economic situation that demands an alternative to standard contracting and job training methods. 

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Remember, this is not an emergency response to a natural disaster. It is a training and volunteer service project within a community's long term rebuilding effort that has contractual responsibilities for properly documenting the work done.

Team Rubicon volunteers have been recruited to assist in creating an effective process for scaling up volunteer safely and job training efforts to complete bight removal projects and document the process.

Each training or service project on the calendar should be updated with image galleries that contain before during and after photos and text descriptions of who was there, what got done, how much time it took and any other quantitative or qualitative information about the work.

Photo Documentation Objectives:


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