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Innovation Earth: Green Bus To The Rescue
Posted to  Huffington Post10/22/2013 3:06 pm
In the world as it could be, we would be doing everything in our power to protect that coastline (preserving natural habitat being more effective than any solution we could engineer, the study says) so that we wouldn't have to face a Hurricane Sandy scenario every season. But reality check time: We're already losing habitat worldwide at an alarming rate. Federal disaster relief costs have risen astronomically in the past three decades. We are going to have to find an efficient way to deal with the aftermath of these storms.

Enter Veterans Green Bus. Started by Gordon Soderberg, a U.S. Navy veteran with over 30 years of disaster response experience, his Crown Coach conversion can run 3,500 miles on a single fill-up of biodiesel or waste veggie oil (WVO, not to be confused with EVOO) and is equipped with solar windows that power its refrigeration. In the works: A satellite internet system that can run through the evening via solar-charged batteries.

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