Community Impact Grant from The Home Depot Foundation:

The Veterans Green Bus Project was selected for a  2013 Community Impact Grant from The Home Depot Foundation:

The Veterans Green Bus Project is honored to have been selected by The Home Deport Foundation for a $4,000  2013 Community Impact Grant.

Gordon Soderberg, Executive Director of United Peace Relief, INC and program director of The Veterans Green Bus Project in Detroit said after hearing the new's

"This donation will keep veterans warm and working through the winter. We will use The Home Depot Foundation's  Community Impact Grant to repair the heating and upgrade the electrical systems for the Veterans Green Bus Project House in Detroit. 4185 Hereford Street. "

We have been talking to members from the local trades unions about what we needed to make the house safe and comfortable for our veterans. They have agreed to provide the labor to make sure the the jobs is done right and give our resident veterans on the job training on how to do the work themselves.

Work will begin this week with a new 100amp service, fuse box and a garage sub panel. This will power the house and wood working shop in the garage, A on demand water heater plumbing to floor radiators will keep them comfortable. And if their is any money left over will start at the top of the list of minor repairs the house needs.

The Veterans Green Bus Project Mission is to demonstrate sustainable energy solutions for disaster response. The program was moved to Detroit in October of 2012 to centrally locate the bus and crew in case of a large scale natural disaster. They we in town a few weeks before hurricane Sandy hit  The bus and crew were requested to respond with Team Rubicon USA and assist in their efforts to establish a forward operating base on Rockaway Beach, Queens NY. That mission lasted 6 months and another 5 months were spent touring the country demonstrating how the bus was used.

Now back in Detroit the home they secured a year ago to house the crew and work on the bus has serious electrical and heating issues. The veterans will be happy to know that they won't be spending this winter trying to stay warm thanks to The Home Depot Foundation."

Gordon Soderberg
Veterans Chair & Executive Director
United Peace Relief
Program Director
The Veterans Green Bus Project
(985) 640-1801

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