Executive Summery 

Gordon Soderberg

Director ; The Green Veteran's Project


Development Director for veteran based disaster relief project management incorporating solar and wind and bio fuels for remote log cabin as well as urban restoration and reconstruction efforts. Gordon's unique career is a demonstration of what is it to be a green veteran.

He has spearheaded numerous volunteer disaster response efforts, training veteran and civilian volunteers in safe execution of disaster debris and hazardous material identification and removal, managed the rebuilding of homes using solar, thermal as well as how to build and maintain small scale and biodiesel production and grease recycling facilities to fuel the effort.

Each volunteer camp he created used solar powered mobile satellite communications systems. Each volunteer was trained on how to document their program's progress and personal experiences using advanced digital media production and web development tools.


Project Manager at The Veterans Green Bus Project

March 2011 - Present

Design build and test sustainable energy and fuel solutions for disaster relief vehicles. Train veterans on the production and appropriate uses for these solutions including solar, bio diesel used cooking oil and wind. 14 recommendations available upon request

Fleet Maintenance, Construction training Manager, Warehouse inventory at Veterans Green Jobs

November 2008 - March 2012 (3 years 5 months)

Managed warehouse, office, log cabin construction and fleet vehicle and equipment maintenance servicing training of veterans for the Governors Energy Office contracts for Alamosa Valley, The city of Denver and Jefferson County.
1 recommendation available upon request

Green Construction Manager at US Forest Service Carson National Forest Shuree Log Cabin

July 2010 - September 2011 (1 year 3 months) Old Shuree Log Cabin Restoration July 21, 2009

$ 100,000 for Capital Improvement and Maintenance
Partners: Veterans Green Jobs, Contractor Gordon Soderberg
The historic Old Shuree Cabin is located on the Valle Vidal unit of the Carson National Forest.

Forest officials believe the cabins are the Vermejo Club's original hunting lodge constructed around 1923 using local aspen logs. The Old Shuree Cabin is one of the forest's priority Heritage Assets, and is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. Once restored, the cabin will be an important tool for interpreting the history of the Valle Vidal unit. Gordon organized materials, hired a five man crew, purchases required tools, supplies, camping gear managed training of veterans to complete the removal and replacement of foundation, walls, floor, and roof components, Improved lot drainage, Project was completed in 8 weeks.



Partner at Bioliberty, LLC

2006 - 2010 (4 years)

Designed pilot training programs for veterans in green home construction, alternative energy installation and Bio Diesel production, organized volunteer bio diesel powered lot clearing efforts in Lower Ninth Ward saving over one hundred lots. These lots are now being rebuilt for the homeowners by the Make It Right New Orleans.


New Orleans Clean Cities Conference Bio Liberty Presentation 2007


Event and Tour Manager at Veterans For Peace

2001 - 2006 (5 years)

Organized Local Regional Speaking Events, National Veteran Bus Tours, The goal to promote peace and participate in sustainable community efforts. Trained to make biodiesel from used cooking oil and in converting buses and heavy equipment and generators to run on grease, installing solar powered and satellite communications systems. This work lead to maintained biodiesel powered buses on five national tours for Veterans For Peace.

August of 2005 while on a tour in Texas, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. Gordon Soderberg and The Veterans For Peace Bus responded by recruiting former combat medics, corpsman nurses and doctors and civilian volunteers. They set up volunteer relief camps in Covington, Slidell, Point Au Chene, Dulac, New Orleans. Gordon provided transportation of supplies and volunteers, set up a website for relief networking and communication through satellite internet systems. The website raised $500,000 and it was used it to support direct disaster relief and funded the first free medical clinic in New Orleans post hurricane Katrina.


Digital Media Production at Bless My Soul Cafe

2001 - 2005 (4 years)
Video production, editing. set design construction.

Website Design and Management. http://www.blessmysoulcafe.com

Event Production & Restoration Volunteer Coordinator at The Eureka Theater

2000 - 2004 (4 years)

Helped start a volunteer restoration effort of the historic theater. Rebuilt exterior, facade, stage, seating, Art Nuvo interior apartment concession areas and green room. Production of live entertainment events,


Hollywood production of the "The Majestic" auditions.

Digital Media Instructor at Ink People Center For The Arts

1997 - 2001 (4 years)

Project director for Open Studios Arts Online Benton Foundation /NEA Grant.
Developed database driven website for member art galleries. Instructed over one hundred members Designed and built the digital media mac lab
Consulted with other non profit and government organizations to address the digital divide in rural communities.

Digital Media Instructor at College of the Redwoods

1996 - 1997 (1 year)
Instructed students in digital media graphics and animation programs for the the internet.

Founding Partner at Merlin Media

1993 - 1996 (3 years)

Graphic Arts. Animation, Digital Videography, Editing Production Multimedia Design and interactive Programming.
Clients: Apple Computer Inc, Adobe Corp, Fractle Design, many more

Surgical Technician at Surgitcal Team International

1987 - 1991 (4 years)
On call surgical technician for bay area trauma hospitals.

Volunteered for disaster relief efforts after California earthquakes and hurricanes Mexico.

Corpsman 3rd Class at US Navy

1982 - 1988 (6 years)

One tour in Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz Defense. 1983- 1984 Corpsman School, Balboa Naval Hosp
Surgical Technician School, Balboa Naval Hosp
Operating Room Tech Oak Knol Naval Hosp


Skills & Expertise

Graphic Design
Small Scale biodiesel Production Website Management

Video Editing Video Production Set Design

(Expert, 20+ years experience) (Advanced, 4 years experience) (Advanced, 15 years experience)



Program Management Event Management Employee Relations Training & Development Volunteer Training Volunteer Development Tour Management Project Planning Product Management


Shuree Log Cabin

July 2010 to September 2010 Members:Gordon Soderberg

The Shuree Log Cabin reconstruction and historic preservation US Forest Service Contract Budget $100,000 Carson National Forest Valle Vidal.
Trained five veterans in historic log cabin reconstruction techniques
Site preparation, dry rock foundations, hand carved Jointing, door construction, window framing, roofing, drainage,

Job competed on time and on budget. Cabin is now used by the Boy Scouts.


US Navy Surgical Technicain School

C School, Surgical Technique, Instrumenttion, Patient Care,, 1984 - 2005 Grade: Graduate

Ashland School of Art

certificate, Graphics Arts and Design, 1980 - 2001
Activities and Societies: Graphics arts, Mural Painting, Set Design and Construction

De Anza College

television productions, digital media, 1992 - 1993

De Anza College

Film/Cinema/Video Studies, 1992 - 1993
Activities and Societies: animation, film and video production

US Navy Corpsman School

Corpsman, Patient care, trauma, triage, pharmacology, toxicology, anatomy , physiology,, 1984 - 1987 Grade: graduate



Honors and Awards

Meritorious advancement US Navy


Biodiesel and WVO vehicle conversion for green disaster relief, Log Cabin and Green Home construction, geothermal solar energy.



Gordon Soderberg

Director ; The Veterans Green Bus Project


15 people have recommended Gordon

"I met Gordon during Hurricane Katrina. It was such an awful experience for so many that without the services and helpfulness of Gordon Soderberg and of course, all the other disaster relief first responders and heroes involved as well as their hurricane Katrina relief efforts and skills - I am not sure what would have become of the hurricane Katrina survivors. I could not tell you exactly what Gordon may do but I can tell you that you can count on him, his knowledge and skills. He most definitely is disaster relief efficient."

— Sara Valor, Staff Writer, Red Owl Publications, was with another company when working with Gordon at The Veterans Green Bus Project

"I meet Gordon during the Katrina aftermath. Gordon's vision during those years was geared in two different directions. 1. Helping the victims. 2. Creating opportunities for returning vets to part of the New Orleans rebuilding process. Gordon's vision has been a inspiration to me, and would recommend Gordon's project to any vet's that could benefit from his service."

— John Skinner, President, Learn Green 2 Live Green, was with another company when working with Gordon at The Veterans Green Bus Project

"Gordon and I met in 2005 in the area affected by Katrina at a volunteer camp providing assistance to those affected by the disaster. Gordon has demonstrated his tireless devotion to the cause of helping other. He is very resourceful and has an undefatiguable spirit."

— Boris Epstein, Systems Manager/Programmer, National Resource For Imaging Mass Spectrometry @ Brigham and Women's Hospital, worked with Gordon at The Veterans Green Bus Project

"Gordon is a detailed oriented manager."

— Rev Simon Udemgba Ph.D., Mental Health Professional, Altamont VA Program, worked with Gordon at The Veterans Green Bus Project

"Gordon possesses excellent construction and mechanical skills. He is a good project leader. He is passionate about helping his fellow man and the environment."

— Vincent Ingram, Operations Manager, Veterans Green Jobs, managed Gordon at The Veterans Green Bus Project

"Well, I have known Gordon for a number of years and have always valued his understanding of the issues



we were working on. He is also incredibly passionate about serving and his work with Veterans is evidence of his commitment to justice and social change. Gordon is a great instructor and is also a very crucial component of the Green Jobs movement in this nation. The world is a much better place with Gordon in it!"

— Oskar Castro, Program Associate, American Friends Service Committee, was with another company when working with Gordon at The Veterans Green Bus Project

"Gordon has managed complicated projects overseeing thousands of dollars in equipment, work teams, and resources. He responsible created and operated within budget while juggling logistics and supplies in remote locations. Gordon showed professionalism in his ability to complete tasks on time and the responsibility of handling company assets under flexible oversight. Gordon is resourceful and can find creative solutions to most obstacles. He is honest and forward in his opinions and fair in judgement. I give Gordon Soderberg my full recommendation. Garett Reppenhagen Garett@veteransgreenjobs.org"

— Garett Reppenhagen, Director of Veteran Programs, Veterans Green Jobs, worked with Gordon at The Veterans Green Bus Project

"Gordon is an exceptional person who is very detail oriented, quality and production driven, and has a wealth of proven leadership traits that would benefit any organization large or small. Gordon has unwittingly proven his quality traits and is a born and proven leader. With Gordon as a leader of employees, his net worth is beyond what money can buy."

— Phillip Eggers, Nonprofit Internship, Volunteer, Veterans Green Jobs, worked directly with Gordon at The Veterans Green Bus Project

"The Veterans Green Bus project of United Peace Relief is an example of the ways I would like to see military staff and budgets work; Be they young, new, old or veterans. It is an example of recovery... as well as reform when it comes to how we All need to pull together and work with people who help repair the ecology of the whole planet. Go Gordon Soderberg, we drive beside you!"

— Maria Altmann, Project Development and Media Consultant, Candoo Research, Training & Development, worked with Gordon at The Veterans Green Bus Project

"Gordon is an exceptional and creative manager who can organize and implement any operation or assignment, as well as train and motivate his crews to get an enormous amount of quality work accomplished in remote settings or areas lacking basic utility services."

— Carrie Leven, was Gordon's client

"I met Gordon in 2005, when we both were in New Orleans, one week post-Katrina. I was there with Plenty.org, and he was there with Veterans for Peace. Our two non-profits quickly struck up a strong rapport, and we collaborated in our relief efforts. My job was to create media documenting Plenty.org's work, and what was actually happening in New Orleans, and Gordon had rigged up a satellite on the Veterans for Peace bus, and generously shared with us internet access to get our media out. Gordon was consistently passionate about the situation in New Orleans, and committed to doing all he could to help. He was a gentle,


well-spoken, well-organized leader. He was, and remains, a man with a mission: to create peace on planet Earth, through healing the wounds inflicted by human beings on one another and upon the Earth itself. I would be delighted to have the opportunity to work with Gordon again."

— Lenore Norrgard, Shamanic Healing Artist, Member, Film Arts Foundation, worked directly with Gordon at The Veterans Green Bus Project

"Gordon has proven himself to be a competent and driven director, one that has shown and guided with his expertise how to competently complete projects to successful ends."

— Robert W Leeds, Artist in Residence, Xeom Design, worked indirectly for Gordon at The Veterans Green Bus Project

"Gordon and I first became acquainted mainly around the time, and concerning the events, of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico BP Oil Spill. I have known Gordon to be a really organized and efficient person who has a good way of bringing people together, particular in projects that are targeted, pragmatic, requiring budget-consciousness and the knowledge of how to "make-do" when some resources may not show up on time, in the right conditions, etc. I have been particularly impressed by how Gordon has been able to put together some cabin and housing construction projects in very challenging environments around the country. Also, I appreciate how responsive Gordon has been to other people and their projects, looking for ways that we may all team together for achieving some important common goals to help veterans and our society as a whole to live better, cleaner, healthier lives. Sincerely, Dr. Martin Joseph Dudziak, PhD"

— Martin Dudziak, Co-Director, Institute for Innovative Study, was with another company when working with Gordon at The Veterans Green Bus Project

"In a time in our history wherein hedge fund managers make billions doing little but juggle numbers for the benefit of no one but themselves, there are people putting their hearts and minds into important work, hard work, for the real betterment of our nation and world. Gordon is such a person, and I recommend him highly."

— Gene Ayres, China expert/consultant and educator, Harbin University of Commerce, was with another company when working with Gordon at The Veterans Green Bus Project

"It was my pleasure to supervise Gordon for the past two years. He is loyal and hard-working and was committed to our mission to help vets returning from overseas find meaningful employment. He required little to no supervision to complete the tasks that were assigned to him and completed his work in a timely manner. He is knowledgeable on a variety of subjects, including construction and bio-diesel to name a few. Gordon would be an asset wherever he chooses to employ his talents. We will miss him here."

— Kevin Kurth, Inventory Manager, VGJ, managed Gordon at Veterans Green Jobs

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